Gambling safely

Our mission is to promote a legal gaming environment, safe and balanced. Responsbile Gambling is a key point of Game Network strategy.

Employees training
The content covered in the training of employees is related to the prevention and understanding of the phenomenon of excessive and compulsive gambling as well as a first analysis of potential gambling problems. This training involves in particular the operators who work directly with the players - Customer Support employees mainly.

Fantasfida Development
Before the launch of Fantasfida, we made a rigorous evaluation (risk assessment) for each single gaming feature through an international platform (GamGArd) specialized in certifing the degree of social risk in a gambling product for vulnerable players. Based on the results obtained, we decided that the new product is compliant and ready to be launched on the market. Any suggestions or improvements for a possible redesign are welcome if able to mitigate the social risks
For further information please read the GAMGARD EVALUATION of Fantasfida.

Self assessment
Particular attention is devoted to online tools to self-restraint, self-exclusion and self-assessment. The player can enter a daily, weekly and monthly deposit limit, if you decide to lower this limit the change is effective immediately, while if you raise it you have to wait our 7-day evaluation before your new limit is valid. If you feel you need a break from playing you can apply a self-exclusion to your account. You can choose a temporary self-exclusion or a permanent one. You can choose among these self-exclusion periods: 24 hours, 7 days, 15 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, Permanent. Once you confirm the temporary self-exclusion, you cannot anticipate the end of the chosen period but you can extend it. After the expiration of the temporary self-exclusion period, your game account will be reactivated automatically. Once you confirm the permanent self-exclusion, you can retrieve it whenever you want but your gaming account is not automatically reactivated, you have to contact our Customer Service.

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