Gaming Rules

Fantasfida is a “Daily Fantasy Sports” game - developed and produced in Italy by Game Network S.r.l. a Digital Bros S.p.A. Group company. Fantasfida is licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission - License Number: 000-045196-R-324757-001.

Fantasfida is game of skill with cash prizes. Users pay a fee to create their own teams made up with 7 football players challenging other users in one or more tournaments. The tournament prize is awarded to the player whose team score is the highest among all the teams participating in a tournament.

Entering a tournament

Fantasfida is a football game simulator. The “LOBBY” tab displays a list of tournaments the players can enter. These tournaments are catalogued as follows:

  • Competition (Champions League, Premier League, FA Cup, Championship, Nazionali, Serie A, Liga, Europa League)
  • Tournament (Guaranteed, Free, Sit & Go, Head to head, etc.)
  • Entry-fee (Entry fee with the fee to be paid to enter a tournament clearly stated)
  • Prize Pool (the total amount the winner can get)

The icon (M) indicates a multi-entry tournament, the player can enter one or more virtual lineups into the tournament, paying an entry fee for each lineup entered.

In the “UPCOMING” tab you can see the tournaments you have entered that are not started yet. In this section you can edit, export and delete your lineups.

In the “LIVE” tab you can see the tournaments you have entered that are still ongoing. The player can follow the action live with real-time updates and leadersboards. In the “LIVE” tab there is the section “ARENA” where you can find tournaments displayed for all users up to 2 hours after the last match involved in the tournament ends.

In the "HISTORY" tab you can see the tournaments you have entered. The player can check his/her score, ranking and prize for each tournament.

Creating a Lineup

After entering a tournament and paying the entry fee, the player goes to the “CREATE LINEUP” page where he/she can choose the 7-player lineup according to Roles and Values (CREDITS). According to the players real market values - every competition day - the value of a player in Credits can increase or decrease according to his real performances and to the parameters defined by Opta Sports, our official statistics provider. Our system automatically changes the football players values in Credits just once when every single match ends.

The key point is the Fantasfida player ability to define the best virtual team spending less credits than other participants. The CREDIT LIMIT can be different for every tournament. In the section “LOCKER ROOM”, you can find statistics, analysis and news about football players, teams and matches involved into Fantasfida tournaments, in order to increase the awareness in your lineups definition.

You can enter a tournament up to 5 minutes before the tournament starts. The player can edit the lineup whenever he/she wants before the tournament starts. In a regular tournament the seven roles of a virtual team are:

  • 1 goal keeper (GK)
  • 2 defenders (DEF)
  • 2 midfielders (MID)
  • 2 forwards (FOR)

In other kind of tournaments, you may be asked to create your lineup chosing players according to specific characteristics indicated in the tournament description (role, age, matches etc.).

The player can create a random lineup - drafted by the system - using the “RANDOM” option.
Once the player has payed the entry fee, if he/she does not enter the lineup 5 minutes before the match starts the system will draft a random lineup.

The player can also use the “EXPORT” option, which allows the player to export the lineup to another Fantasfida tournament compatible with that specific lineup, either to use it in a new tournament or to edit a previous lineup.

The fantacredits, or system market value, of players is frozen when you create your lineup, while the position of the player is also frozen when the real match starts. If the value and/or role of the player changes before the starting of the tournament, the lineup you have created is still valid. In particular, during the period of football market, some players can change team and/or role. This situation can modify the chosen lineups, which are still valid and editable till the starting of the tournament.

Some examples:

  • If a player changes his role, some lineups can be different from the standard lineup made up of 1 goalkeeper, 2 defenders, 2 midfielders, 2 forwards (e.g. if a player, whose previous role was defender is turned into a midfielder, your lineup will be made up of 1 defender and 3 midfielders).
  • If a player changes his team and joins a team not included in the tournament, that player will score 0.
  • If a player changes his team and joins a team included in the tournament, that player will score according to his real performance into the new team.

Before the tournament starts you can see just the usernames of other participants and the final amount of lineups entered. The details of the lineups chosen by other participants are visible only after the tournament has started.

Scoring system

The final score of the lineup is calculated according to parameters provided by OPTA Sports – a market leader in the gathering and management of live sports data - with an impartial and incontrovertible method, according to the players’ performances in live matches. OPTA considers the whole match i.e. 90 minutes and stoppage time either to define a player value. When a match has extra times and penalties - e.g. Champions League matches - the players’ peformance is evaluated till the extra times, penalties excluded.

Fantasfida gets some parameters in a univocal way, i.e. the parameter by Fantasfida is the same as the parameter by Opta Sports; some other parameters are calculated as a composition of two or more occurrences , in this case the parameter by Fantasfida can be different from the parameter reported by other Opta Sports’ providers. By creating an entry into a game, it is deemed that has understood and accepted our scoring system.

The system follows the matches live and updates data according to the players performances in their teams. The players statistics are updated after every single match according to data provided by Opta Sports 15 minutes after the end of the match.
In case of adjustment and/or error in data tracked by Opta Sports 15 minutes after the match end, the statistics considered for the score won’t be modified, for this reason, they could be different from data reported by other Opta Sports’ sites. When the final ranking has been elaborated, prizes will be awarded without considering further updating on players’ performances.

If a match is rescheduled, it will be valid only if played within the time of the last match valid for the tournament in progress.
If a match is rescheduled beyond the time of the last match valid for the tournament in progress, all the players will be awarded a value of zero.
If the rescheduled match is part of a “single match” tournament, the tournament will be null and the entry fee refunded.

If a match in progress is cancelled definitively, the players performances will be valid till the moment of the match suspension. If the match is rescheduled, the rule presented in the previous paragraph will be applied. If a player, who is part of a lineup, does not play a match (ban or injury) and he is not replaced before the beginning of the tournament, he will score 0.

Tournament types

Fantasfida has two types of tournaments:

  • Head to head
  • Championship

Head to head tournaments are a competition between two players.

Championships need at least 3 lineups belonging to 3 different players to start. The minimum number of participants depends on the type of tournament and it is displayed in the schedule of the tournament. According to the tournament characteristics, the players can enter one or more lineups aiming to have more winning opportunities, provided the payment of the entry fee each lineup entered.

There are two types of Championship tournaments:

  • Sit & Go
  • Guaranteed

Sit & Go tournaments have a limited number of participants, from 3 to 100 lineups.
This type of tournament starts only if the last available place is taken.
Last participant registration closes the tournament, enrolled players can only edit their lineups but not delete their enrollement into the tournament. Till the Sit & Go is not full, the player can exit the tournament deleting its enrollment. Head to head tournaments belong to this type of tournament.

Guaranteed tournaments have medium-high number of participants and guaranteed prizes. This type of tournament starts at a scheduled hour/day only if the participants have entered the mandatory minimum number of lineups shown into the tournament schedule. Fantasfida reserves the right to lower the mandatory minimum limit at its discretion in order to let the tournament started. The player can delete its enrollement up to 15 minutes before the tournament starting. When the mandatory cap of lineups is reached, the tournament will be displayed in the “UPCOMING” section just for enrolled players.

Sit & Go tournaments not getting the mandatory cap of lineups are deleted automatically and the players enrolled will be refunded immediately.

Guaranteed tournaments not getting the mandatory cap of participants are deleted automatically and the players enrolled will be refunded immediately.

Freeroll tournaments are totally free (the entry fee is £0) and the prize awarded is a bonus (amount not withdrawable).

Prizes and winnings

The prize is the net amount, after entry fees, to be divided among the winners according to each tournament prize model.
The prize is proportional to the number of lineups enrolled, that is to say that the positions awarded with a prize grow according to the growth of enrolled lineups.
The prize is displayed into the Lobby and into the schedule of each tournament and divided among the winners as shown in the Prize table included in each tournament schedule.

The prize will be divided among the winners according to each tournament prize model. The RTP (Return to Player) of a tournament is at least 80%.

Main tournament prize models are the following:

  • Winner takes All: first placed player gets the whole prize.
  • Double or Nothing: winners get the double of the entry fee amount (net of taxes and platform rights).
  • Triple or Nothing: winners get the triple of the entry fee amount (net of taxes and platform rights). One out of three of the players win and the remainder loose (e.g. 90 enrolled players, the first 30 placed players share the Prize equally and the remainder of 60 players do not win anything).
  • Winners take All (2): first and second placed players divide the prize as follows 65% - 35%
  • Winners take All (3): first, second and third placed players divide the prize as follows 50% - 30% - 20%
  • Winners take All (4): first, second, third and fourth placed players divide the prize as follows 50% - 25% - 15% - 10%

Winnings awarding

A tournament is closed when all the real matches included in the tournament have been played. In that moment the player can check his/her final score resulting from each virtual team and the consequent placement in the final ranking.
Each tournament ranking is defined by the final score of every team taking part in the tournament.
The final score of each team is defined by the addition of each player score according to their real performances. The winner(s) are the players whose virtual team score is the highest according to peculiar winning awarding models. If a player wins, he/she will receive the winning into his/her gaming account immediately.

A tie could happen in every kind of tournament (Head to head, Sit & Go, Guaranteed). If a tie happens, the winner will be defined according to the credits used parameter only: the winner is the player who spent less credits to create the winning lineup. If the credits used are the same, the prize will be the addition of prizes for placements involved in the tie divided among the players equally.

Eg. #1: 1° and 2° placements with the same score and same credits used. The prize for both the winners will be the prize for the 1 placement added to the prize for the second placement divided between the 2 players equally.
If 1° placement wins £50.00 and the 2° wins £10.00, if an ex aequo happens both players win £30.00.
Eg. #2: 3 players reach 5°, 6° and 7° placements with the same score and same credits used. In this case, the prize will be the addition of prizes for placement 5, 6, 7 divided among the 3 players equally. If 5° and 6° placements win £10.00 and 7° wins £7.00, if an ex aequo happens the 3 players win £9.00 (10+10+7 = 27; 27/3 = 9).

In order to avoid a tie, during Head to head tournaments only, it is not possible to play with identical lineups. As a consequence, if a player chooses the same lineup as another player, the system displays an alert inviting to edit the lineup.

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